Damascus Steel Swords

Damascus Steel Antique Swords

Damascus steel antique swords are highly durable and reliable handmade swords. These swords are made with hand forged Damascus steel blades, developed using excessive heat treatments and robust construction. Damascus steel blades are built to last, as they are full tang blades - meaning the blade runs through the entire length of the handle. 

The Damascus steel antique swords are historic swords highlighting Medieval and Japanese styles. These swords span a wide variety, including two handed longswords, great swords, and one handed swords.

Damascus Steel Antique Swords Uses

Damascus steel antique swords can be used for a variety of tasks. They can be used for piercing cuts, long range strikes, and putting on displays. Despite being heavy in weight and large in size, These swords are highly portable as well, as they come with leather sheaths. 

Damascus Medieval, Samurai, & Katana Swords

Damascus steel swords come in a variety of designs. These designs highlight an assortment of medieval, samurai, and katana Damascus swords. If you are looking for a Damascus steel sword, look no further than Frontier Blades. We offer a large variety of Damascus steel antique swords for sale.