Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

Damascus steel pocket knives are considered some of the most reliable and durable handmade folding hunting knives. Damascus pocket knives are made with premium materials, and built to accomplish a variety of tasks - including making clean and accurate cuts, skinning game, slicing wood, and cutting boxes. 

Damascus steel folding pocket knives are designed to be highly portable and easily accessible. Their relatively smaller size allows for these knives to easily fit in the user's pocket, and yield a firm grip within the user's hand. Some Damascus steel pocket knives come with a leather sheath - which provides increased blade protection and higher accessibility. 

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Handmade Damascus Folding Hunting Knives

Damascus pocket knives are handmade with robust construction and excessive heat treatments. These pocket knives feature sharp damascus steel blades - which are compiled by layering multiple sheets of iron and steel, followed by acid etching to provide each blade a unique design and pattern. Additionally, damascus pocket knives highlight decorative filework.

Our damascus pocket knife handles are assembled with strong and reliable materials. Prominent materials used to fabricate the handles include stag antler, buffalo horn, and wood. The knife's handles also highlight brass bolsters, brass liners, and brass pins. 

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If you are interested in a strong, reliable, versatile, and portable outdoor hunting knife - you can't go wrong with a damascus steel pocket knife. These handmade folding knives are built with durable materials, and highlight amazing designs. Browse and shop our wide selection of damascus steel pocket knives and folding knives below. 

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