Master USA

Master USA - Ballistic Pocket Knives

Master USA knives are highly reliable and portable pocket knives. These pocket knives are very versatile, and highlight a variety of unique designs and various functionalities. Master USA knives are perfect tools to carry for camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Some knives within this category feature emergency accessories, such as seat belt cutters, glass breakers, and built in LED flashlights. All pocket knives from Master USA incorporate a spring assisted opening mechanism, enabling them to open very quickly in a matter of seconds. The quick action features of these knives, as well as the added accessories, make these pocket knives perfect for self-defense and rescue situations. Frontier Blades offers a variety of Master USA knives at affordable prices. If you are looking for a quality spring assisted pocket knife at a cheap price, make sure to scroll down to view our amazing selection. 

Master USA – The Tac Force Rival

Master USA pocket knives are considered to rival the Tac Force series, as they share identical features and are used to satisfy similar requirements. These knives are also considered tactical due to their self-defense capabilities, spring assisted action mechanisms, and portability. However, Tac Force knives are still considered the best tactical knives, as they have a much wider selection to choose from. Although, Master USA knives hold their own and offer unique designs which are not portrayed anywhere else. For instance, the Master USA motorcycle knife is considered the most prominent knife under this brand, as it is one of a kind and not replicated under any other name brand.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Master USA knife

All Master USA knives are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. However, the differences are within the lengths of the blades and handles, as well as the materials they are constructed from. Generally, almost all Master USA pocket knives feature a 440 stainless steel blade. These blades are very sharp and easily sharpened. Some feature a half serrated blade, which makes the knife perfect for both push and pull cuts (e.g., slicing fruit or cutting zip ties). The handles can be made from aluminum, wood, or rubber. Aluminum handles are very durable and long lasting, however they can be slippery during wet conditions. Wood handles provide a secure and firm grip around the knife, but need to be taken care of or else they wither over time. Finally, rubber handles don’t necessarily provide that high quality feel, however they provide a secure grip even during wet conditions.

Master USA Ballistic Knives – Heavy Duty Pocket Knives 

Master USA ballistic knives are highly functional, versatile, and highlight an assortment of designs. These pocket knives are built to last a long time and are generally more heavy duty in comparison to other pocket knives on the market, as they are made with a stonewashed finish. 

However, we here at Frontier Blades offer these heavy duty pocket knives at very cheap and affordable prices. Don’t let the cheap price dissuade you, these knives are as reliable as they get. We get these knives directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man to make sure you are getting the best deals on pocket knives. If you're looking for a durable and reliable pocket knife, you can't go wrong with Master USA ballistic knives.  If you need any assistance in choosing or finding your next Master USA ballistic pocket knife, feel free to contact us.