Ten Ryu

Ten Ryu

Ten Ryu swords include handmade Japanese katanas and samurai swords for sale. These real swords feature damascus steel or carbon steel blades, making them very durable and reliable. These swords are cheap battle ready swords, perfect for practice sword fighting. These swords feature cord wrapped handles, designed to provide the user a secure and comfortable grip. Here at Frontier Blades, we offer a wide selection of Ten Ryu samurai swords and Japanese katanas for sale. Scrolls down to view our amazing selection of affordable swords.

Ten Ryu – The Great Japanese Samurai Weapon 

Ten ryu are prominent amongst the samurai class, and are hand forged to provide increased attention to detail. In Japan, the samurai sword is considered a part of the samurai, and demands utmost respect by those wielding the blade. These weapons are personalized for each samurai, making each one highly unique.

Hand Crafted & Hand Forged Ten Ryu Swords

Ten ryu swords are fully functional battle ready swords made with the highest standards. These swords are hand crafted by master sword smiths who have perfected the craft of forging high quality swords through generations of sword making. Each Ten Ryu sword is hand forged and heat treated to craft a sword with optimum strength across the length of the blade. The blade is subsequently cooled to the right temperature to allow an ideal amount of flex across the blade without compromising on the strength. Each blade is then hand sharpened with precision in order to craft a blade that can cut through rough materials cleanly and accurately. Each sword is then hand fitted to its sheath to maintain protection of the blade.