Tactical Pen Knife

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Wholesale Tactical Pen - The Perfect Self Defense Weapon

This 6" wholesale tactical pen knife is the perfect self defense weapon to have. this fully functional pen has a hidden knife built inside. Simply remove the back cover of the knife to reveal the black sharp hidden blade. Additionally, the pen is functional and capable of writing. Comes with two pen refills. 

The tactical pen knife is considered one of the best self defense weapon. It is highly concealable and the most portable blade. Although it has many advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. In order to access the built in blade, you have to unscrew the back to reveal the blade. Additionally, the blade is relatively short, thus you are required to get in close contact with an assailant or perpetrator to strike. However, this tactical pen knife is highly inconspicuous, and if any potential threat enters your personal space, you'll have the proper means to defend yourself. If you are looking for a self defense weapon, you can't go wrong with this wholesale tactical pen knife.  

  • Type: Wholesale Tactical Pen Knife
  • Overall Length: 6"  
  • Blade Edge Type: Single-edged Blade
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel Blade
  • Blade Finish: Black Finish
  • Handle: Black Handle - Stylus Pen
  • Color: Black
  • Opening Mechanism: Fixed Blade
  • Accessories: Pocket Clip, 2 Pen Refills
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - Buy With Confidence

Customer Reviews

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Harvey W
Not my problem

I ordered a tactical pen to be delivered before father's day. I followed instructions even went as far as downloading and app so that I could track my order. When the app didn't update me on shipping date I emailed 2 times and called several times to no avail. No one want to take the responsibility for the company in which they are paid and clearly no loyalty to their customers. I will not be purchasing from them again. A small price to pay to find out who you do business with. Thank you for showing your true colors.