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Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are highly versatile tools used by many as every day carry items. Also known as folding knives, pocket knives are designed to be small, lightweight, and portable - so that they can easily fit in your pocket or purse. Within the past century, pocket knives have expanded extensively to incorporate a variety of designs, accessories, and materials. If you want to learn more about knives, you can visit https://antiques.lovetoknow.com/Collectible_Knifes.

The Unique Pocket Knife 

The many additions to the pocket knife increases their functionality, making them much more than a cutting tool. A Unique pocket knife is made from novel materials and feature special attachments. For instance, some unique pocket knives are stonewashed, while others include built in LED lights, seat belt cutters, and glass breakers. 

Unique Pocket Knives For Sale

Frontier Blades offers a variety of special and unique pocket knives for sale. These knives are one of a kind, and they incorporate durable and reliable materials - making them highly functional and versatile. Unique pocket knives are special EDC tools built to perform an assortment of tasks. Here are some of our favorite unique pocket knives for sale.

Unique Pocket Knife Damascus Steel Blade

The first pocket knife to make our unique pocket knife list is the Damascus steel folding pocket knife. This pocket knife is special, as unlike most pocket knives, this folding knife features a Damascus steel blade. The Damascus steel is hand forged using excessive heat treatments and layering multiple sheets of steel and iron, which are subsequently compressed using robust construction. 

This unique pocket knife also features a very reliable bone handle. The bone handle is a durable material built to last a lifetime. In addition to its durability, the bone handle provides the user a secure and comfortable grip. Lastly, this Damascus steel folding pocket knife comes with a high quality top grain leather sheath. 

The materials used to make this Damascus steel pocket knife makes it unique and perfect for hunting. The Damascus steel blade is very sharp and built to cut through rough materials, such as wood or animal hide. If you are on the lookout for a special Damascus skinning knife, this knife will do the trick.

Unique Pocket Knife Motorcycle Knife

This motorcycle folding pocket knife is one of our favorite unique pocket knives. This manual folding knife features a sharp stainless steel blade. What makes this folding knife so special is the intricate handle design. The handle is made from aluminum zinc, and highlights a chopper motorcycle design. Additionally, by clicking the motorcycle seat, the built in LED light activates. This accessory adds on to the uniqueness of this motorcycle folding pocket knife.

Unique Pocket Knife Karambit

This folding karambit pocket knife is one of a kind. Unlike most pocket knives within the same class, this karambit knife highlights a fantasy design - including golden flames on the handle, golden biohazard symbols on the blade, and an embossed skull on the handle. On top the of the elaborate fantasy design, this knife is highly functional, and features a curved stainless steel blade and aluminum handle with finger ring hole.

Unique Pocket Knife Firefighter Knife

This Tac Force Speedster Model Firefighter pocket knife is another favorite unique pocket knife. This pocket knife features a variety of accessories which make it one of a kind, including a built in LED light, seat belt cutter, and glass breaker. These attachments make this knife perfect for rescue and emergency operations. 

Additionally, unlike most pocket knives with plain blades, this unique pocket knife features a half serrated blade. This makes this folding knife perfect for push cuts (e.g., slicing fruit) and pull cuts (e.g., cutting rope or zip ties).

Unique Pocket Knife Stiletto Blade

This Tac Force stiletto knife is unique due to its self defense functionality. This pocket knife features a spear point stiletto blade - perfect for piercing. The aluminum handle is highly durable and provides the user a comfortable grip. This unique pocket knife also comes with a built in seat belt cutter and glass breaker.

Unique Pocket Knife Double Edged Blade

This Tac Force rescue pocket knife is unique due to its double-edged half serrated blade. Most pocket knives incorporate single edged blades, meaning only one side of the blade is sharp. However, this knife has a double edged blade, meaning both the front and spine side of the blade are sharpened via partial serrations. Additionally, this knife also comes with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter. 

Unique Pocket Knife Elk Ridge

This Elk Ridge pocket knife is considered one of the best hunting pocket knives available on the market. This knife is unique due to its durable materials and heavy duty style. This knife features a heavy duty drop point stainless steel blade - perfect for cutting through any materials. On top of that, the bone handle looks great and is very reliable. The leather string attached to the end of the knife's handle allows the user to wrap the knife around their wrist for added security when cutting, thus ensuring the knife does not slip from the hand during use.

Unique Pocket Knife Stonewashed

This MTech USA pocket knife is one of a kind. Featuring a sharp heavy duty stonewashed blade and stonewashed handle, this pocket knife is very sturdy and reliable. In addition, the knife highlights an American Eagle on the blade with "We the People" text. The stonewashed handle highlights an American USA Flag design, featuring both the USA Flag's stripes and stars. This knife is considered a unique pocket knife due to its durability and Patriotic design.


Pocket knives, also known as folding knives, are compact EDC tools used for a variety of tasks - such as cutting wood, opening boxes, slicing meat, skinning animal hide, and much more. Unlike hunting fixed blade knives, folding knives are highly portable and are designed to easily fit in your pocket. Certain pocket knives are considered unique pocket knives, as they incorporate an assortment of materials and accessories. The added versatility and functionality of these unique pocket knives are what makes these pocket knives highly sought after. Some of the materials used to manufacture these unique pocket knives include bone, stainless steel, and stonewashed acid etching. In addition, special accessories incorporated in many unique pocket knives include seat belt cutter, belt clips, and LED lights. If you are looking to purchase a unique pocket knives, you can visit frontierblades.com for a large selection of cool and unique pocket knives for sale.

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  • Yes these are two theifs pretending to sell products but is just a scam don’t buy anything from them

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  • Yes these are two theifs pretending to sell products but is just a scam don’t buy anything from them

    Steve on
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