Tac Force Stiletto | Tac Force Milano Pocket Knives


Tac Force knives are considered the best tactical self defense knives. These knives feature highly durable and reliable stainless steel blades. The aluminum handles provide the user a secure and tight grip around the knife. Also, many tac force knives highlight a variety of emergency accessories, making them perfect all purpose knives. Some accessories include seat belt cutters, glass breakers, and built in LED flashlights. 


Tac Force stiletto knives are a very special type of Tac Force knives. Many consider the stiletto knife a replacement of the well-known switchblade due to their strikingly similar resemblance and functionality. The Tac Force stiletto knife opens very quickly similar to the switchblade. Using a spring assisted action mechanism, these knives can open in a matter of seconds. Also, these knives feature very sharp spear point blades, which are designed for relatively long range piercing. This functionality makes Tac Force stiletto knives perfect for self defense, as they enable the user to strike without getting too close to the perpetrator. 


Tac Force milano pocket knives are interchangeable with Tac Force stiletto knives. The Tac Force milano knives became popular through the God Father film series. These knives are perfect for self-defense as well, as they are easily concealable, portable, and open very quickly through spring assisted action mechanisms. Similar to the stilettos, these knives also feature spear point stainless steel blades. Just as import, the handles are made from aluminum metal, which provides the user a secure and comfortable grip around the knife, giving you maximum flexibility and versatility. Additionally, both the Tac Force stiletto and Tac Force milano pocket knives are very lightweight, making them very easy to carry around and easy to handle. 


In addition to their functionality and versatility, Tac Force stiletto and milano knives highlight unique designs. Many look to expand on their knife collections by purchasing Tac Force knives, simply due to the way they look. For instance, one of the most famous Tac Force stiletto series are the joker knives, which are used by the Joker in the Batman Dark Knight film series.